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Who we are

CONGOBOSTON.COM, the “Boston's Congolese quickest link” is an organization ran by young Congolese entrepreneurs and community leaders. Our mission is to be a tremendous resource and a powerful network for all Congolese living in Massachusetts. This network aims to bring the Congolese community together in unity. The unity will allow this community to grow, develop and become a new economic and social force for the benefit of the state of Massachusetts first, the United States of America, and finally the DR Congo.

As a resource, CONGOBOSTON.COM wants to provide valuable information to all Congolese freshly arriving to the US in order to help them settle and grow within their community.

Our organization desires to see them express their gifts and talents in order to help them improve and grow.

CB is here to unite and inform all people in general, and Congolese immigrant in particular. Many Congolese immigrant who come to the US are abandoned to themselves, with no adequate help nor support system worth mentioning. CB wants to be exactly that organized network system that will help individuals and their endeavors with smooth transition into their new country of adoption. Our organization will provide them with useful and easily accessible information and guide them to diverse existing solutions.



Our mission is to be a tremendous resource and a powerful network. Our focus is to render quality service to new comers in the US, smoothen their transition into the American culture.  We fight to empower people to go forth and impact communities in positive ways. We believe that in doing so, is helping communities remain out of poverty, therefore be safer and strong participant to the greater Massachusetts community.  We believe a stable community is a united community and that we owe it to the future generation of Congolese Americans born in this community to be prosperous and great.

Though the promotion of cultural events and various ceremonies, we hope to facilitate and put in display the Congolese cultural wealth. The Congolese are people of great talent through their music, dances and plastic art. They are also great scholars and amazing athletes.

The essence of Congolese immigration is essentially freedom.  They strongly believe in expressing themselves in all freedom and liberty.  Congoboston intends to encourage them through rewards and recognitions.  Leadership in all area is to be promoted and encouraged specially for those demonstrating incredible talents.



Individuals, such as students researching the DR Congo may find useful information on our site.  They may also contact us directly for further information.

We are open to work with all organizations or governments to promote diversity and youth development.

We are all about serving and giving back. We strongly believe the need to invest in people, help them grow, direct and empower them and the reward will be a strong, peaceful and productive community.



Our services are most of all for free, but in order to keep up with our financial responsibilities, expects a financial support and contribution from member organizations and individuals who believe in our causes.




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